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Sandra YanceyBest Thing Ever is refreshing and genuine. It will help you claim your personal power and tune into your intuition. You will learn the real essence of love and the art of creating an invigorating life partnership.

Sandra Yancey, the Founder of eWomenNetwork, ABC Radio Show Host, Author, Movie Producer, and Speaker

Irina KolesAs I started to read Best Thing Ever, I couldn’t put it away. Written in a very friendly manner and truly a pleasure to read, it offers real value on every page. Sky Blossoms shares her own inspiring life story, along with other couples’ happy relationship secrets. The book contains practical soul-search tools and is full of wisdom. Sky Blossoms reveals why it’s not worth settling for less, how to invite the one into your life and how to extend the happiness of young love into a blissful lifetime.

Dr. Irina Koles, M.D., M.H.M., Bestselling Author of Taste of Thoughts: Improve Your Health and Whole Life

Michael BroderInvaluable tools, transformational processes, and real examples in Best Thing Ever make it a truly extraordinary book. Anyone who is looking for a genuine and lasting love relationship will benefit tremendously from its powerful and inspiring message!

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author of Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential

Kristina PescatoreSky Blossoms is a beautiful writer and her essence is truly like a flower blossom. I am receiving such healing wisdom and revelations from the teachings in her book, “Best Thing Ever.” I feel empowered, renewed and excited as I grow in my relationship with these powerful truths. I recommend this to everyone who is in a relationship no matter what stage it is in. Thank you Sky!

Kristina Pescatore, Chocolatier and Aromatherapy Healer

Thomas BahlerBrush aside the old confusing dogmas about relationships. Best Thing Ever sets the record straight on what it takes to create a happy intimate union. Sky Blossoms unravels the tangled mess in which we often find ourselves when it comes to relationships. I wish they taught these principles in school. It would prevent so many heartbreaks and divorces. Best Thing Ever is a treasure chest filled with practical advice; I loved it and I highly recommend it!

Thomas Bähler, Author and Composer – Arranger and Assoc. Producer of “We Are The World”

Dina ProctorBy artfully weaving practical wisdom with inspiring stories of successful love relationships (including her own!) in Best Thing Ever, Sky Blossoms shares a refreshing perspective on the meaning of commitment and how fun and deeply fulfilling a love relationship can be.

Dina Proctor, Speaker, Coach and Author of Madly Chasing Peace

Anastasia GorbunovaIt’s about time a book like this has been written! Best Thing Ever is a unique and reliable bridge between the realities of our daily life and ageless spiritual wisdom. With eloquent simplicity it spells out the fundamental principles upon which sincere and happy partnerships are formed. Sky Blossoms offers processes that are impressively effective and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book to all who are ready to welcome the magic of true love into their life.

Anastasia Gorbunova, Ph.D., MBA, Experimental Psychology Researcher

Inspiring, motivating, and full of LOVE! After reading this book I have a deep understanding of love and how great it CAN be when we understand that every relationship is a mirror and a magical lesson for each individual. Throughout the book I laughed as stories were shared that we can all relate to about ex- boyfriends, situations, and relationships that were not meant to be for a lifetime but a stepping stone to creating an amazing life. Sky Blossoms shows you how to think differently about your love life in a way that brings out the best in each other… forever.

Irene Tymczyszyn, Author and Speaker

Dustin HeerkensA healthy and authentic intimate relationship creates a connected fortress in one’s life. Sky Blossoms’ art of storytelling takes us on a journey – a quest for wholeness – and unveils how to create that conscious connection within our heart and mind, adding more value and happiness to our experience. Best Thing Ever proves that a great partnership is natural – it is the moment when life starts to unfold before our very eyes. This book is nothing short of extraordinary. “The main recipient of your blessings is you.” Personally, I love that!

Dustin Heerkens, Lifestyle Coach, Explorer