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My mission is to help you OWN your Creative Power so that you can create a MIRACULOUS live

Formal Bio:

After escape from behind the Iron Curtain, an Intuitive & 3rd generational healer turned American Award-winning and #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and  Relationship Mentor.

With a background in the medical field and over two decades of studying psychology and human behavior, Dr. Sky helps high-performers to discover the fastest way to authentic confidence and create lasting and meaningful relationships.

Dr. Sky is an international speaker and a frequent media guest. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and ABC among others.

I’m passionate about:
Freedom * Miracles * Human potential * Love and love making * Connection * Unconditional happiness

I am a See-er
I know your Soul, and I feel your Heart
I remind you of the beauty of your essence

And hold a safe space for you to relax in vulnerability
I shine the light on your insecurities
And they melt like a snowflake on your palm
You walk out of confusion and step into Integrity
Comfortable your own skin, you stand proud and tall
For you finally own the magnificence of Who You Are


Photo Gallery

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Sandra Yancey

Sandra Yancey & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms and Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen & Dr. Sky

Dr. Sky Blossoms and Jim Kwik and Bob Doyle

Jim Kwik & Bob Doyle & Dr. Sky

Dr. Sky Blossoms and Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman & Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms & Brian Smith

Brian Smith & Dr. Sky Blossoms