Romantic LoveThis story started with a riddle someone posted on Facebook:

“The most ephemeral substance in the universe is pursued by both rich and poor, both learned and ignorant, both strong and weak. It can be both a tonic and a poison. What is it?”

The answer posted to this riddle was “romantic love,” with which I argued that True love doesn’t have an antagonist, it’s irresistible and heavenly, and it is only a tonic. Obsession, on the other hand, turns into poison and it has nothing to do with love. The next comment got me thinking – it read “Romantic love and true love are not synonymous.” They’re not?

Well, if Romantic Love is not True Love, then why do we call it “Love”? We should call it “crush”, “lust”, “desire”, “yearning”, or “obsession”. Love can be only true, otherwise it’s something else.

We toss around this sacred word and assign false meanings to it. No wonder it creates major confusions when it comes to relationships. A client of mine experienced a traumatic relationship during her teenage years, when her abusive boyfriend was threatening to commit suicide to prove how much he “loved” her. A victim to a common misunderstanding, she believed that he loved her and put up with his cruelty. Was it real Love or dirty manipulation?

Love is the purest of all feelings; it is kind and asks for nothing in return. It is a feeling of expansion and freedom, of acceptance and appreciation. Love is the ultimate creative expression.

Romantic Love is no different. In fact, it is a supreme expression of True Love which can grow into its physical manifestation – a child.

I invite you to re-evaluate the way you use the word “Love” and honor its divinity. Perceive your relationship with your beloved as a sanctuary of authenticity, acceptance, freedom, and creativity.

Please share your thoughts.

Sky Blossoms
Best Thing Ever