Shine Your Brightest
Mystical Retreat for Women Leaders in Rivera Maya, Mexico
Accepting Applications (Custom Dates)
Powerful Women...
Have you been running on a hamster wheel leading nowhere?

Maybe you know how to achieve your goals and even live a seemingly perfect life, but something is missing. Quiet dissatisfaction with status quo grows within and your heart is yearning for a change.

You suspect that you're not sharing your true gifts with the world and not living your fullest potential. Perhaps you're not even sure what it would look like, if you did.

And maybe you've observed persistent patterns running in your life. Different faces, different places, but a similar thing keeps happening.
"How do I get out of this vicious cycle?" you may have wondered. 
Likely you've heard about subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs.

Did you know that until the SPIRITUAL origin of a problem is transcended, the cycles repeat?

You may be aware that traumas and suppressed emotions sabotage a person's life. A true healing occurs when the system is restored to a pre-trauma state, as if the trauma never happened. And it is POSSIBLE!

The best part is that WISDOM cannot be lost. True healing of a trauma occurs when you integrate the experience, learn the lessons, and allow it to empower you.

EVERY challenge in your life was meant as a GIFT, even if it's the most horrific episode you ever lived through. 
Most people are unable to see the blessings in losing their loved ones, experiencing financial losses, abuse or violence. What if you learned to do that? What if your heart opened beyond pain setting you free from fears, judgments, shame, guilt, or blame? 

When such trans-formation occurs, all symptoms of a block melt away:

~ Limiting beliefs 
~ Hidden insecurities
~ Psychological triggers
~ Defensive behaviors...

Through purification and reclaiming innocence your true power emerges and the highest possibilities of your future get enabled.

Your re-alignment with your Soul's mission empowers you to take purposeful actions with unstoppable enthusiasm. Clarity brings you ease and inner peace. Finally, you can trust yourself and let your intuition illuminate your path.

Shine Your Brightest Retreat is purification and sacred initiation to get your Soul's purpose and unique gifts activated.
Your bare feet sink into the soft white sand. Your eyes are tracing the endless turquoise surface of the pristine Caribbean Sea into the infinity of blue sky. Light breeze caresses your skin and plays with your hair. Warm pleasant sun rays kiss your face. Gentle waves wash away your worries, stresses and mind chatter...
Your body gently relaxes and inner peace enters your being preparing you to see, to hear and to awaken to the:

~ Wisdom of Your Soul
~ Power of Your Intuition
~ Genius of Your Creativity
~ Love and Purity of Your Heart
~ Abundance of Your Resources

A powerful knowing arises within you. Beyond any doubts, you know that you're supposed to be here and now. This is the turning point in your life unlocking your destiny.
Your confusions are dissolving and clarity emerges.

Confidence and inner power make you stretch taller, your shoulders relax and draw back allowing your heart to lead.

Your chin slightly lifts as if you're carrying an invisible crown of a Divine Feminine Leader walking on Earth.
The fact that you're on this page is not an accident!
Everything happens for a reason and you're reading this right now because there is a message for you.

As you study this page, listen to your heart and pay attention to your feelings

If your Soul calls you into action, say "YES!" even if a part of you thinks it's crazy
You're invited to join a sacred mystical journey with like-hearted women, who are:

* Accomplished and open-minded
* Committed to being the best versions of themselves
* Ready for more love, prosperity & new opportunities
* Desire to unleash and leverage their feminine power
* Willing to trade effort for ease
* Inspired to share their unique gifts with the world
* Take full ownership of their life and results
* Passionate to be of service to people and our planet
How Your Life Can Change as the Result?
What is possible when you re-boot your operating system and permanently erase toxic patterns?

What does your life look like, when hidden blocks no longer drain your life force and sabotage your success?

You can anticipate

*** Looking and feeling younger and having more energy
*** Feeling inner peace and profound self-love
*** Having clarity and sharper focus
*** Being more productive
*** Enjoying juicy love life and deeper connection
*** Receiving more money with ease
*** Creating through miracles and synchronicities
If your inner skeptic wonders if this is really possible for you,  ask yourself "Who can stop me from achieving my goals and living my dreams?"

Only you have that power.... and only you have the power to dissolve traumas and trans-form your life. 

HOW to do it? This is what this retreat will reveal. You will be guided through a custom step-by-step process designed just for you.

Dr. Sky has a proven track record. She is known for precision and and her ability to see the optimal path unique for each person.

Want a proof? See for yourself...
Before and After
What People Are Saying
"I met Dr. Sky watching a spiritual talk show. She was the only speaker I was guided to watch. I had been on a spiritual journey for the last 2 years and finally realized that I needed help to get to the next level.  I was waiting for the right teacher to show up, and it was Dr. Sky.

I had a vision of the Mayan Ruins months before she announced the retreat. Once I realized it was in Mexico and at the Mayan Ruins, I knew I was meant to go to it, there was no second guessing it.
It was an amazing experience, way more then I expected!

My transformation which occurred in only 3 days resulted in getting to the core of where the shame, blame, expectations of others, self doubt and not good enough issues were rooted from in my childhood. Dr. Sky helped me rewrite that timeline forever and release the old baggage I had been carrying for way too long.

I could not believe how powerful her healing process was for me.
My life shifted in a new direction. Working with Dr. Sky up-levels your intuition and awakens your Divine Power. Things just flowed in Mexico and synchronicities occurred regularly.

A few months later I am in awareness that self love is the gateway to all your desires.  I met an amazing man who is an established man in the community, handsome and everything I've been looking for in a relationship. Sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself, then I realize, no, I deserve this and to focus on enjoying the experience. We both are flying high on the love plane, attracting abundance in so many unexpected ways and having fun!
~Colleen Burant, Entrepreneur
Sending a 1000+ Blessings of Gratitude to Dr. Sky for all she has given me and for the others she has also helped. Thank you! "

~Diana Bertoldo, Transformational Coach
"Dr. Sky is a passionate healer and unapologetically driven. Her reverence for living fearlessly, intuitively, and consciously is contagious.

I found myself feeling lighter and lighter — dropping the weight and entrapment of old fears as well as hidden fears that I didn’t even realize were holding me back.

Dr. Sky's vast and dynamic skillset makes for a rare force as a healing artist. And that is truly what she is — a phenomenal healing artist.

I walked away from this event feeling a much needed renewal of inspiration, drive, readiness, confidence, passion and I-can-do-it-ness regarding everything in my life and biz!"
This invitation is for smart & dynamic women who value fast and tangible results.
About Your Guide Dr. Sky
Official Bio:

Dr. Sky grew up behind the Iron Curtain in a family of secret sages. She is the 5th generation healer. After moving to America, she became an Award-winning and #1 Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and a Wisdom Adviser.

Dr. Sky’s magic touch has helped hundreds of high-performers to transform their relationships, make more money, and regain zest for life.

She's known for her ability to find elegant solutions to the most stubborn problems.
As a born see-er and a medically trained doctor with two decades of studying psychology and human behavior, Dr. Sky works with top leaders helping them to:

* Heal karmic relationships and get out of repeat cycles
* Develop strong intuition 
* Heal and integrate traumas
* Activate Soul purpose and hidden talents 
* Master confidence 
* Leverage time and energy

Dr. Sky is a frequent media guest and has been featured on CBS Radio, Fox News,
Boston Business Journal, and ABC, among others.
Fun facts: Dr. Sky is a former TV host, she dances Argentine Tango, speaks 4 languages and has traveled to 30+ countries.
Personal Note:

I've been gifted with intuitive vision and an ability to connect to YOUR Spiritual Essence and facilitate your awakening into your highest Soul expression. My retreats are often miraculous, unpredictable and mind-bugling, while also fun and pleasurable. Every experience is tailored to support your unique needs within a very intimate setting.

If you open yourself to receive what is there for you, this journey will be life-changing and propel you to the new and exciting orbit in your life.

I feel honored to be of service to those who are ready to play full-out and share their unique gifts. And my mind is laser-sharp and trained in science, psychology and human behavior to appeal to your logic and cognitive perception.
Are you curious to meet the most ecstatic, alive and prosperous version of yourself?
Let's awaken your Sleeping Beauty!
The Details About the Journey
Private Access to Pyramids
Connect with Nature
Get Pampered in a Spa
What will you get to experience?

*** Enjoy luxurious accommodation in a tropical paradise
*** Purify in crystal clear turquoise water
*** Connect with nature
*** Move your body through dance and yoga
*** Meditate, visualize, journal
*** Transcend trauma and dump emotional baggage with ease
*** Clarify your soul's purpose
*** Reboot and re-wire your brain for peak performance
*** Get pampered in a spa and get a massage
*** Indulge in delicious healthy food
*** Private access to sacred ancient Mayan Pyramids
*** Get guidance and purification in a ceremony
*** Connect and create a sisterhood bond
*** Laugh, play and relax

... maybe even shop?
What's included:
This is an ALL INCLUSIVE luxurious adventure!*
*Not included: airfare, additional meals on your own, extra spa services, tips
"The retreat brought clarity and confidence just as I had hoped. It has transformed my thinking..."
~Debbie D'Aquino, Author, Speaker

Have you noticed?

When you're in the zone, things fall onto your lap naturally and synchronicities occur, like:

* Every traffic light turns green
* The best parking spaces open just for you
* The best ideas and brilliant solutions occur to you 
* The funniest jokes come out of your mouth
* You get free gifts or upgrades
* You happen to be in the right place at the right time
* Your desires get fulfilled almost instantly

    ...Life is fun and you feel beautiful!
But when you get out of balance, you:

Move waaaay slower than you know is possible
Work harder and achieve less, and occasionally:

* Get impatient and controlling
* Find yourself lost in your "to do" list
* Swallow your emotions and push through willpower
* Confusion and lack of clarity sabotage your decisions
* Self-doubt creeps in and shakes your confidence
* Your body gets stressed and frustrations build up
* You get very rational and think too much

...Life feels hard and you feel overwhelmed and exhausted 

Free yourself from self-sabotage and welcome MIRACLES!
Memories from Recent Retreats
Sacred Sisterhood
Healing in Nature
One of a Kind Experiences
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