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Table of Contents

Part I: In Search of Answers

Let’s Get Acquainted
Life Served on a Silver Platter
The Journey to Happily Ever After
Verifying the Principles
It is Easier than You Think

Part II: Your Relationship Purpose

Why Be in a Relationship?
Find Your “Why”
Is There a Soul Mate for Me?

Part III: What Leads You Astray

Step Beyond Constraints
Myth 1: A Relationship Is Hard Work
Myth 2: It’s Give and Take
Myth 3: Relationships Require Sacrifice
Myth 4: My Mate Should Make Me Happy, and I Should Make My Mate Happy
Myth 5: A Relationship Should Have a Timeline
Myth 6: Passion Inevitably Wanes
Myth 7: You Can’t Have It All
Myth 8: My Partner Will Complete Me
Myth 9: I Have to Understand the Opposite Gender
Myth 10: Marriage Kills Romance

Part IV: Relationship Vision

Create Your Vision

Part V: The Main Ingredient—You

Your Key to Happiness
Navigating Out of the Turmoil
Tango Therapy
10 Steps to Becoming a Great Partner
Step 1: Accept Yourself
Step 2: Own Yourself and Your Results
Step 3: Clean Out the Closet
Step 4: Weed Out Limiting Beliefs
Step 5: Find Your Balance
Step 6: Honor Yourself
Step 7: Create Space
Step 8: Follow Your Heart
Step 9: Be Authentic
Step 10: Accept Your Partner
Make Every Date Great!
Do Not Look, and You Shall Find
The Home of Love

Part VI: Meet the One

Recognize the One for You
Eden: How I Met the One

Part VII: Commitment

The Essence of Your Promise
Our Wedding Ceremony

Practice Section
10 Days of Magic
Day 1: Appreciate the Vastness of Creation
Day 2: Appreciate Our Magnificent Planet
Day 3: Appreciate the Gift of Laughter
Day 4: Appreciate Modern-day Technology
Day 5: Appreciate Your Body
Day 6: Appreciate Your Accomplishments
Day 7: Appreciate Your Home
Day 8: Appreciate Your Family
Day 9: Appreciate Your Work
Day 10: Appreciate Your Intuition

7 Reasons to Read Best Thing Ever

1. Love or Lust?

Decipher with ease and never get confused again!

2. Tired of Dating Disappointments?

Learn how to have the time of your life on EVERY date

3. Bust Dangerous Myths Even Smart People Believe That Actually Kill Relationships

Some popular myths breed resentments and ruin your connection with your mate, know what they are, and avoid falling for this trap.

4. Learn the Secrets of Successful Couples

If you want to build anything that will withstand the test of time, it needs to have a solid foundation. Discover the “must have” ingredients for blissful relationships

5. Attract and Embrace the Love You Always Wanted

You will go through a 10 day process designed to open your heart and invite a perfect partner into your life.

6. How to Recognize the One for You?

The right partner doesn’t come with the tag listing your name. How do you know when you met the one? Best Thing Ever will arm you with tips and live examples so you know exactly what to look for and will never again mistake infatuation or obsession for true love.

7. Can You Find Freedom in Commitment?

Whether you are commitment challenged, or have encountered partners who start back-pedaling the moment your relationship gets “serious,” you will gain a breakthrough understanding. Never again commitment will equal confinement. Best Thing Ever will offer you a new perspective, which will be a game-changer. By grasping the difference between commitment and devotion, you will discover a new level of personal freedom within a committed relationship.

Magic Moments

There are enchanting moments in any romantic relationship, when circumstances line up perfectly, when you and your mate are in total sync and feel happy, joyous and glad to be alive. These – especially romantic, fun, or exhilarating – moments do not last forever, but while they do, they are worth savoring. Also, they are worth remembering. This page is a collection of such Magic Moments that my husband and I (and the readers of this blog) share. Please enjoy and submit yours!

Submit Your Magic Moment!

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