Table of Contents


Part I: In Search of Answers

Let’s Get Acquainted
Life Served on a Silver Platter
The Journey to Happily Ever After
Verifying the Principles
It is Easier than You Think

Part II: Your Relationship Purpose

Why Be in a Relationship?
Find Your “Why”
Is There a Soul Mate for Me?

Part III: What Leads You Astray

Step Beyond Constraints
Myth 1: A Relationship Is Hard Work
Myth 2: It’s Give and Take
Myth 3: Relationships Require Sacrifice
Myth 4: My Mate Should Make Me Happy, and I Should Make My Mate Happy
Myth 5: A Relationship Should Have a Timeline
Myth 6: Passion Inevitably Wanes
Myth 7: You Can’t Have It All
Myth 8: My Partner Will Complete Me
Myth 9: I Have to Understand the Opposite Gender
Myth 10: Marriage Kills Romance

Part IV: Relationship Vision

Create Your Vision

Part V: The Main Ingredient—You

Your Key to Happiness
Navigating Out of the Turmoil
Tango Therapy
10 Steps to Becoming a Great Partner
Step 1: Accept Yourself
Step 2: Own Yourself and Your Results
Step 3: Clean Out the Closet
Step 4: Weed Out Limiting Beliefs
Step 5: Find Your Balance
Step 6: Honor Yourself
Step 7: Create Space
Step 8: Follow Your Heart
Step 9: Be Authentic
Step 10: Accept Your Partner
Make Every Date Great!
Do Not Look, and You Shall Find
The Home of Love

Part VI: Meet the One

Recognize the One for You
Eden: How I Met the One

Part VII: Commitment

The Essence of Your Promise
Our Wedding Ceremony

Practice Section
10 Days of Magic
Day 1: Appreciate the Vastness of Creation
Day 2: Appreciate Our Magnificent Planet
Day 3: Appreciate the Gift of Laughter
Day 4: Appreciate Modern-day Technology
Day 5: Appreciate Your Body
Day 6: Appreciate Your Accomplishments
Day 7: Appreciate Your Home
Day 8: Appreciate Your Family
Day 9: Appreciate Your Work
Day 10: Appreciate Your Intuition