Improved RelationshipsSome years ago, when my husband would try to share his big dreams with me, or tell me about his visions of the future that extended 20-30 years ahead, my mind would nearly explode. It was difficult for me to focus on those things, and I could not understand why we would have to think that far into the future. On the other hand, when I would get all wrapped up in little details and tried to call his attention to them, I felt that he couldn’t follow me either.

Then, I stumbled upon an invaluable resource that helped me understand my beloved and myself much better. Jay Niblick with a group of scientists conducted thorough research for 7 years, which involved hundreds of thousands of people in 23 countries. They wanted to find specific traits that distinguish highly successful people from the rest.

Their findings were rather surprising. It turned out that it was not the particular skill-set, motivators, natural talents, or behaviors that assured one’s success. Rather it was the awareness of his or her strengths and “blind spots” – lack of natural aptitude in certain areas, and frankness toward them.

What does this have to do with relationships? Well, after I read Jay’s book “What’s Your Genius?” I took advantage of his offer and ordered a FREE genius profile for myself and encouraged my husband to do the same. I thought I knew myself… well, let’s just say there were some things that I didn’t realize. Furthermore, some of mine and my husband’s special talents match, however, there are areas which he mastered and for me they are “blind spots” and vice versa. No wonder that we couldn’t relate to each other at times.

This awareness helped our relationship tremendously! First, we embraced each other’s “blind spots”, and embraced each other’s “mastery” with appreciation. Actually we found out that we complement one another: Where I have a “blind spot” Aleksey has “mastery” and the other way around. Together, we constitute one “genius superhuman” who mastered all areas:-). Isn’t that great?

Our communication became so much smoother and easier. Aleksey doesn’t try to make me imagine the Universe anymore, as he knows that my mind is wired differently. I don’t try to make him do more than one thing at a time, as I know he cannot multitask the way I can.

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P. S. I am not affiliated with Jay Niblick or his products, I just think it’s really cool stuff;-) Enjoy!

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