Keep Your Relationships Fun and Alive

WARNING: The information presented below is designed exclusively for those with a sense of humor and zest for life. You are entering the playground at your own risk.


  1. Go nuts about chocolate! Melt some chocolate in a pot and dip fruits, marshmallows, nuts and anything else that comes to mind. If you don’t eat it all, you have created some treats (or threats) for your guests.
  2. Pick a part of your partner’s body (nose, ear, belly, hand etc.) and start kissing the same spot throughout the day (every hour or so). When you mate notices the pattern, you’ll both have a good laugh.
  3. Sing a song in a kitchen and lead your partner to dance with you.
  4. Write a bunch of jokes on toilet paper (you can get them from the Internet) and leave it as a surprise for your partner.
  5. Start a pillow fight in the morning.
  6. Dig up your funniest childhood pictures and recall silly episodes from when you were little.
  7. During dinner, start mimicking your partner – become his/her mirror, copy the body language, say what she/he says. Your lover will get your game and will try to do something that will be difficult for you to copy. You will both laugh, guaranteed!
  8. Get bottles of soap bubbles, go to your favorite place outdoors, and have a competition on who can blow a bigger bubble. Watch the bubbles fly away and enjoy!
  9. Show up at home with a bunch of balloons announcing that every day deserves to be celebrated, and create an improvised celebration of life.
  10. Invite your mate out in an unusual way: hide clues throughout the fridge, under the computer mouse – everywhere – have them be a detective and discover the meeting place. (Make sure they’ll stumble upon your clues, don’t hide them too well)

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