Pure Relaxation Exercise

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Introduction to Meditation – Sky Blossoms
Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that has countless benefits ranging from stress relief and health improvement to unleashing your creativity and receiving guidance.
Here you’ll find the tools and tips to master your meditation skills. This audio recording is equally beneficial for beginners and those who are experienced in meditation. Get practical advice and learn how to get into a meditative state instantly. Discover how to effectively incorporate “anchoring” – NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tool into your meditation for better results.

Pure Relaxation Meditation – Sky Blossoms
Pure Relaxation Meditation is an enjoyable MIND VACATION which will help you:

  • release stress
  • restore your energy
  • balance your emotions
  • activate your chakras
  • rejuvenate your body

This is a great process to use while learning to meditate. Also, incorporate it in your daily practice to increase your creative abilities and to refresh your body and mind.

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