Heather and Marc Titus“The moment I looked into Heather’s eyes, I recognized a knowing. This sort of knowing is beyond any other knowing you had before and a human being standing in front of you is eliciting this sensation. It’s not hormones, it’s not lust or desire, it’ a feeling of home,” Marc Titus – a devoted yogi, the founder and the director of Sedona Yoga Festival – shared about his first encountering his beloved wife Heather Sheree Titus.

Every love story unfolds differently, yet this flash of recognition of something inexplicable and profound is quite common. Many people dream about being swept off their feet by the One and dissolving in overwhelming passion. The truth is that when you meet the love of your life, the feeling of inner peace and composure is more prevalent than the emotions of lust or eagerness. The key words that Marc and Heather shared during their interview about the development of their relationship were “freedom” and “exploration.”

The pair met in a yoga studio where Marc worked and where Heather was considering teaching. Work ethics prompted them to keep a respectful distance despite the mutual magnetism. And like with anything that is truly meant to be, the Universe aligned synchronicities to assure they would be in proximity to one other.

Marc and Heather were repeatedly brought together in a local coffee shop; enough to finally honor their attraction for one another and to take the next step – agreeing to go on a date.

It is remarkable to note that both of them have devoted time and effort to cultivating their own balance including solitude, solid personal practice, spending days in silence etc. Marc and Heather cultivated inner harmony and a sense of happiness prior to encountering each other. And the moment each of them felt a deep satisfaction with their own life and released the urge to look for an outer source of fulfillment, the magic of meeting a life partner manifested.

Fulfillment in a relationship comes as the result and becomes an extension of the overflowing joy from within. The inner balance of masculine and feminine forces translates into a daily practice within the relationship. “We get to do the dance of Yin and Yang in a physical form,” Marc said.

“Our relationship continues to challenge any places where we don’t naturally go to Love first, and it continues to nurture the places that we do,” Heather chimed in. Then she proceeded to share something amazing: “At one point I recognized that my suffering would directly create suffering for Marc – however I treat myself and how I AM will so profoundly affect another person. Then I made a commitment to work on myself, so that I can offer joy and containment and life full of love.”

Marc’s take on commitment was also remarkable and infinitely profound: “There is a sense of ease in our relationship that completely and utterly transcends the term “commitment” and morphs it into a devotion to the divine. And this devotion begins to blossom and expand into a recognition and understanding that Heather is divinity itself in a human form.” Such acknowledgment of the Sacred Source of Life in your beloved takes a relationship into a new realm of utter respect and mutual appreciation.

Marc and Heather’s love for each other is deeply laced with their love for yoga. Passionate yoga teachers they produce a mega event – a consciousness evolution conference with over 100 presenters and over 200 classes scheduled (sedonayogafestival.com). Most of the work associated with this massive production is done in their home office, which results in Marc and Heather sharing their space almost 24/7. For many people such proximity combined with highly demanding tasks may seem overwhelming.

This graceful couple manages their daily challenges with remarkable elegance by getting into a flow and balancing work and play. They set an intention to have fun and to feel joy every step of the way. While describing their experience of working together Marc offered a beautiful analogy “It’s like the weather: Sometimes it gets cloudy, but we both know that the sun is still shining and the clouds just pass over. It’s a beautiful unfolding!”

Yoga is about breath, movement, oneness and ongoing discovery – so is any relationship. Allow for the divine flow to take you on a ride and dedicate fully to opening your heart and expanding your mind to allow for the juiciness of the experiences available to you.

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Photo by Jeness May Photography