The Hidden Truth of The Presidential Election

I never thought I’d do this…
I normally don’t get involved in politics, but as a seer, I cannot remain silent.

Some people will be hate my message, others will be touched at their core.
I respect you wherever you are in your journey. And my purpose of sharing this is to introduce a new perspective.

How many sides are to the coin? Most people will say “two.” Picture a coin rolled. Which side does it roll on?

There are always two polar sides and a third side of wisdom, which unites the opposites for the common purpose – moving forward.

America and the world have been divided into two camps: Trump and Clinton. And most people’s energy is funneled into a useless debate deciphering which one is less dangerous. When you’re selecting between two evils, you’ll inevitably end up with an unpleasant outcome.

Maybe the solution is not in the president or the politics? Maybe people are being led astray from the real power? The believers in the world conspiracy would say that the power belongs to the world elite, but that’s not true either. And here is the point that everyone is missing:

You have more power than a president!  The true power belongs to YOU, and your moment-to-moment choices. The health of our environment and people, peace on our planet, abundance and personal freedoms are in YOUR hands!

HOW? Any system is supported by individuals.
Even the mightiest of corporations would be out of business quickly, if no one purchased their products.
No war could be sustained if solders refused to kill one another.
No weapons could be made if civilians refused to make them.
No government can spy on its people, if those who work for the government refused to perform shady tasks.
No bully can prevail without those who’re willing to assist, reinforce, or to be the audience.

Our economic and political crisis stem from individuals! Well-meaning people find rationale to make disgraceful choices for instant gratification or survival.

In addition, docility was cultivated for generations.  Most people don’t ask questions when they obey the authorities or follow the rules. They trust that someone else, smarter, more educated, or more qualified will make a decision in their best interest.

No one can make a decision in your best interest, even if they truly love you, because only you know what’s best for you. It’s time to think for yourself and to call your own shots.

You and I want to live in the society, where people cooperate and support one another, where we love our planet and live in harmony with other beings, where prosperity and abundance is accessible to all and love governs decision making.

Many people would argue that this is utopia. I KNOW that this is our future. And it requires mass awakening and evolution of consciousness.

As long as people believe that one life is more valuable than another, we’ll keep killing each other.
As long as women are willing to have sex for reasons other than love and co-creation, they’ll be treated as objects.
As long as people disrespect nature, they’ll experience sickness.
As long as security is prioritized over freedom, oppression is inevitable.

And no president will solve any of these issues.

The important question is: What can you do NOW?

Make conscious choices on a moment-to-moment basis:
•    Speak your truth even if it’s scary
•    Be kind to yourself, so that you can be kind to others
•    Be an educated buyer and don’t pay for products that pollute our home planet
•    Recycle
•    Be mindful of your words – they can heal or kill
•    Look for the 3rd side of wisdom in any conflict
•    Refuse to participate in anything that feels out of integrity for you, even if your life is threatened
•    Stop perpetuating pain by healing your own emotional wounds
•    And share this message, if it resonates with you

It is much easier to argue about elections than to live in integrity with your Soul on a daily basis. You and the person with the opposing opinion want the same thing: happiness, peace, prosperity, and love. Look for solutions together! No president will give you what you want… You have true power in the precious moment of now.

Remember: Decisions based in fear, lead to terrifying results. Turn to love for advice.
Withdraw your mind and energy from the political nonsense and apply your brilliance to loving your brothers and sisters and living on purpose today.

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  1. Kate Ross October 19, 2016 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Very well said! There is a need for each citizen to be responsible for him or herself. Pointing fingers accomplishes nothing. Believing someone else has all the
    solutions is the same environment that permitted Hitler to
    rise to power.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so articulately!

  2. Tandy Elisala October 19, 2016 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Sky, this is a powerful message. I absolutely resonate with everything you’re saying. Choose love not fear.

  3. GrannySue October 19, 2016 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    THANK YOU so VERY much!!! Though I have pretty much always been involved in politics, I believe in your message with all my heart. We chuckle looking back on Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say NO!” campaign against drugs… I use her phrase repeatedly when people talk about how horrible this or that political *whatever* is.

    Doesn’t matter who becomes president. It really doesn’t. Someone somewhere will use it as an excuse to do horrible things while another will use it to better the world. Be the one that makes the world better!

    We are all – each and every one of us – sovereign. If we choose not to honor and live that, neither Clinton nor Trump (include here any and every politician running, sitting or retired) will be to blame nor to praise.

    One person can change the world. If each of us lived our truth, “what a wonderful world it would be” !!

  4. Kathleen Kundert October 25, 2016 at 6:42 am - Reply

    “Let go…Let Love”
    This is what I’m hearing and I also feel less terrified.

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