magnifying glass and some text (solution)If you resonate with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the premise of the Law of Attraction, read on as I share a valuable lesson the Internet taught me:

A while ago I watched a TED talk about information “filter bubbles,” where Eli Pariser explains the limitations that the personalization of news feeds and highly-targeted marketing campaigns impose on our ability to access information online. Pariser makes a compelling case by demonstrating that the same keywords entered into Google search render vastly different results for different people, based on their personal interests. Consequently, our overall awareness is confined by our own inclinations and we don’t get equal exposure to the facts. Further, we don’t get to know a different point of view which, in turn, impedes our ability to perceive reality objectively.

When I saw this TED talk, it seemed unfair that robots – software algorithms – get to influence our opinions and set the boundaries on our worldview. Now I perceive it differently. I think of it as the pinnacle of fairness which is in perfect alignment with how life works. I arrived at this new conclusion after about a week ago, as I posted on Facebook an endorsement for Marianne Williamson to be elected for congress.

I met Marianne in person, was moved by her passion and pure intent, and wanted to support her. Sure enough, I started seeing related ads in my newsfeed on FB. In order to further my support of her, I liked a few of them, and guess what? Now, everywhere I go online I see her ads. At first, I didn’t put these facts together, I was just surprised, then irritated, and then it dawned on me!

These “filter bubbles” work exactly like the Law of Attraction does:

I focused my attention on something and the Internet Universe started feeding me more of what I was focusing on. I didn’t press “Like” in order to be stalked online by Marianne’s campaign. But sure enough that’s exactly what happened. My intention was different, and the result was overwhelmingly annoying.

In life, you focus your attention on something, and you keep getting more of that, whether you like it or not. When we speak of GMOs, war or a cheating partner, we don’t mean to perpetuate the situation we talk about. Nonetheless, the universal algorithm of the Law of Attraction responds with precision and brings more of what we gave our attention and emotional energy to every time.

“Filter bubbles” are a powerful feedback mechanism which instantly reflects what you are focused on. If you don’t enjoy the feed, give your attention to what you want.  If you don’t like some aspects of your daily life, decide what you want instead and give this new idea your undivided attention.

You’ve probably heard the expression “energy flows where attention goes,” and then this energy overflows and becomes our manifested reality.

The point I want to make here is this: When concerns, complains, or problems are discussed, even for a moment, they set an attraction mechanism in motion and get perpetuated. Only solution-oriented conversations render desirable outcomes.

Have you been able to see the correlation of what you focus on and what shows up in your life experience? Please share your stories and feedback in the comments below.