Discover Your Personal Abundance Switch

***in less than an hour!***

You are unique as well as your business, and you deserve personalized attention.

Your Private Session with Dr. Sky Blossoms will help you get intuitive insights, get “unstuck,” and leap forward with your business and your life.


  • Pinpoint exactly what’s been holding you back from making more money
  • Gain clarity and direction towards reaching your goals
  • Emerge re-energized and confident
  • Feel ease and inspiration

REAL blocks elude you, because they are hidden beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

Life can be WAY easier when you have CLARITY and know exactly what to do next.

Your Special Package Includes:

  • Private Intuitive Session with Dr. Sky Blossoms (over the phone 45 min.)
  • Personal Assessment Prior to Your Session
  • Customized recommendations and Game Changer Rituals
  • Audio recording of your Private Intuitive Session
  • 3 Secrets to Manifesting Miracles in Your Life – enable magic on a daily basis

(Priced $497)

You Invest $97 Only

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What People Are Saying:

[testimonial company=”Lori Gillikin, Gillor Consulting” author=”I enrolled 3 new clients within a week!” image=””] I am a business consultant and I was struggling with getting new clients. I had the unique opportunity to have a session with Dr. Sky. We spent less than an hour on the phone and in that time she enabled me to make a significant mindset shift and realize my clients where already there looking for me. As the result, I enrolled 3 new clients within a week! She has an amazing gift to get to the heart of the issue. I am really grateful to Sky.”.

[testimonial company=”Lizete Morais, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer,” author=”I created € 50,000 within a month!” image=””]I was successful in my business, but I knew that I was not reaching my fullest potential. I flew from Netherlands to work with Sky because I wanted to address my money mindset and remove whatever blocks were holding me back so that my business would truly flourish as well as my creativity. The results of removing this unconscious splinter out of my past was nothing short of extraordinary.

When I returned to Europe, my business literally exploded, and I created €50,000 in revenue within a month! The opportunities keep coming my way and now my business grows as never before. Sky helped me gain phenomenal courage that propels me forward.[/testimonial]


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