ROBIN WILLIAMSIn our daily lives we race to make more money, to meet a person who will love us, to raise children or to fulfill our ambitions believing that these things will grant us happiness.

When someone who seemingly has it all—fame, fortune, family, friends, talent… you name it—takes his own life out of depression, it makes you wonder if maybe happiness is dependent on more than the external conditions in our lives.

Robin Williams was one of the most loved humans on our planet. His transition moved millions of people around the world. Flowers and tears, posts on Facebook and tweets, love letters and personal visits to the sites where most of his life took place, streamed in a desperate attempt to express how much he meant for all of us.

Yet, he was unfulfilled.

We think that we want others to love us and work hard to elicit their approval. We thrive for achievements because ultimately we believe that they will afford us the appreciation, love and recognition of people around us.

In truth, there are not enough people who can love you to fill the inner void.

When you lose the sense of connection to your own soul, nobody can soothe this pain, no matter how many people feel affection for you and how much they try to show it to you.

Common Signs of Spiritual Starvation

There are many symptoms of such misalignment with our spiritual essence, which, if neglected, lead to more severe cases of emotional and physical pain, or adverse life circumstances.

It’s really important to recognize and address these early indicators before they gain momentum and take over your life. (Or, like in Robin Williams’ case – lead to the extreme and fatal choice.)

Here are some examples:

• Stagnation
• Lack of confidence
• Feeling diminished or unworthy
• Irritability and aggravation
• Feeling of emptiness inside
• Loss of drive and motivation
• Lack of inspiration and zest for life
• Stress and overwhelm
• Self-blame and guilt
• Hopelessness
• Frustration
• Chronic dissatisfaction
• Overconsumption of food, alcohol, TV, drugs, etc.

Most people are entangled in their daily routine and responsibilities and ignore these emotions, letting them accumulate and intensify. I invite you to be keenly aware of your state of BEING and re-align with your soul whenever necessary.

Need to Realign? Start Here
There are many methods to help you stay tuned to your wholeness. Physical exercise is a great way to release stresses from your body and uplift your spirit. Nature is a wonderful booster of pleasant emotions and vitality.

One of the most accessible and effective tools is meditation. When you quiet your mind, your resistance subsides. And in the absence of contradictory thoughts, your natural state of well-being is allowed.

I invite you to dedicate time and focus on a daily basis to tend to your spiritual alignment.

I recognized this need for myself early on, and I even created a series of meditations designed to put me in a state of wholeness called 10 Days of Magic. These mind journeys are strategically crafted to tune you to the vibration of appreciation, which is akin to unconditional love. Extremely pleasant, they are also very powerful processes that take your life to the whole new level.

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When you are whole—fully integrated in your physical body with the source energy of life—you are loving and you don’t need anyone’s love or approval. You have more than enough and are willing to give.

You literally embody your state of mind, which means that your physical form responds and adjusts to your attitudes and perspectives.

During my first year in a medical university, a professor and a mentor with whom I worked on a research, made a statement that surprised me at the time. He said, “The best cure for any disease is a deep ignorance of it.”

I didn’t get it back then, and it took me years to really understand the profound depth and wisdom behind these words. It has nothing to do with being in denial; rather, it is a powerful unwavering decision to declare your own power over any circumstance.

You have this power! There are many beacons of light—people who rise above severe adversities ranging from battling terminal conditions to overcoming irrevocable losses and claim the prevailing power of human spirit. Any outcome is the result of a choice and never the condition!

How Do You Stay Connected?

Are you experiencing any symptoms of misalignment with your soul? Have you tried meditation, and has it worked for you? Please share in the comments below.