Tropical StormOur feet dig deeply into the warm white sand of Flamingo beach, as we walk along the water line. We grew to love our daily ritual of walking on the beach and then swimming in the ocean right before the sunset. The warm tropical breeze is carrying heavy clouds that quickly start covering the sky above. It will be raining; it is inevitable now. As heavy drops start reaching the ground, we decide to go swimming; we will be soaking wet, anyway. The ocean welcomes us with a warm cozy blanket of water – it’s warmer than the air, and it’s much warmer than the rain. We swim far out, while the raging storm continues to spew streams of water, thunder and lightning. The sun starts going down, flaring up the sky and painting pink, orange and purple strokes. It is so surreal and beautiful! As we are getting back to the shore, the red disc of the sun shining through the greyish-blue haze is majestically touching the ocean on the horizon. My husband lifts me up into his arms when we are still about waist-deep in the preciously emerald water, and starts spinning me around and kissing me; we drink the rain off each other’s skin, laughing and appreciating our life and love, the vastness of the sky above and the enchantment of our planet.