Seductive Communication
results training by Dr. Sky 
HOW to Be Irresistible in the Bedroom and in the Boardroom
Seduction is your ability to create an emotional experinece in another person.
Seductive Communication is an essential skill for personal life and business!
Are you ready to put an end to:
•    Attracting wrong guys
•    Men disappearing on you
•    Men not committing to you
•    Heartbreaks and disappointments
•    Being afraid that he might cheat on you?...
In Seductive Communication You will Learn How To:
•    Be authentic and irresistible so that men fight for your attention
•    Unlock your natural charm and become magnetic
•    Enhance your self-worth and confidence
•    Attract high-caliber men
•    Keep your man's attention on you
•    Leverage your femininity for more success in business
•    Communicate effortlessly even when a topic is vulnerable
•    Avoid pitfalls that turn men off (even smart women make these mistakes!...)
•    Get what you want without even asking for it
•    Make a man devoted to you
•    Manage your sexual energy wisely

What's included:
•    The 7 Elements of Seduction
•    The 5 Rules of Seductive Communication
•    Recordings of Q&A calls
•    Case study and role play practices
•    Online training modules
•    Templates & worksheets
•    Accountability and support system
•    Access to a private Facebook community
•    Surprise bonuses
NOT included: phony tricks or manipulations
What's inside the Training Modules:
•    Video presentations
•    Work sheets
•    Audio recordings
•    Practical examples of texts and things to say
•    How to release emotional baggage clearing process
•    Articles
•    Inspirational video archive
•    Training on how to make unforgettable first impression
•    ... and so much more
Who is this for?
Sophisticated women, like you, who are:
•    Successful
•    Caring and genuine
•    Aware that great relationships require skills
•    Committed to becoming a better version of themselves
•    Open-minded
“People will forget what you said, 
People will forget what you did, but
people will never forget
how you made them feel”
~Maya Angelou
What People Are Saying:
J. H.
Berlin, Germany
"Dearest Sky, I'm writing you to thank you!
You helped me to overcome seemingly unsurmountable blocks in regards to relationship.

Shortly after the course I started dating a man who I call my boyfriend now. Our relationship is everything I was looking for. I always have a big smile when I notice all the details I got clear on with the help of your course which we are no living in our relationship. I'm so happy and feel at home with him... I don't need to look further.

That's why I wanted to give you big thank you because I do think a lot of my happy today is based on your help!

Sky, please keep on sharing your beautiful gift!
Thank you that I had the chance to be a member in your course!"
Antonina Andreeva
London, UK
"Thank you for a gorgeous experience. I really enjoyed learning about polarities, communication and seduction.

Truthfully, I came on the course as a way of improving my communication in business. What really happened is I got to re-asses my relationship and get clear on what it is that I am available for when it comes to partnerships.

Dr. Sky is a wonderful, warm and generous facilitator who holds space and really roots for the highest version of you."

Antonina Andreeva, Soul DNA Coach.
Katy Lynch
Boynton Beach, USA
"What a life changing experience this has been. I entered this as a why not? And this has completely changed the way I look at relationships and at myself.

I have declared what I want in a relationship. Here's saying good-bye to so many dead-end relationships that I put so much time and effort into -- and the connections that still existed.

 I feel like a new person ready to take on the world and as I wake up every morning, I see the beauty that exists within me and surrounding me. I've been on a few dates since the course started and since I know what I want, I've declared I won't accept anything else.

This is only the beginning for me. I've opened up my heart is the joy is flowing over. Thank you."
Galina,  Costa Rica
"The course helped me to attract the caliber of men I want in my environment, have them pursue me and make plans.
How to become addictive video was the best!

I wanted to deconstruct seduction into manageable pieces, and I got it! :)
I can break the mystical skills to create polarity and attraction into specific practical components, so I can assess them one by one, and identify which ones I was already good at and which might need some practice.

I love to understand how things work, so this was perfect!"
Nadia Hosko
Bali, Indonesia
"This course has hands down changed the way I look at relationships and has opened me up on a new level.

Dr. Sky has a unique view and strategies that not only make sense - they guide women to being in am empowered state of desire, ease and fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in being completely fulfilled in a long term relationship.
About Dr. Sky:
Who could've thought that growing up behind the Iron Curtain in a family of secret sages would lead to becoming America’s Award-winning and #1 Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and a Wisdom Advisor.

Dr. Sky’s magic touch has helped hundreds of high-performers to transform their relationships, make more money, and regain zest for life.
She's known for activating miracles and rapid manifestations effortlessly.

As a born see-er and a medically trained doctor with two decades of studying psychology and human behavior, Dr. Sky works with top leaders helping them to:

* Tap into Higher Power to achieve quantum results
* Solve complex emotional challenges
* Develop strong intuition
* Activate genius capacity
* Unlock possibilities beyond imagination
* Master confidence
* Leverage time and energy

Dr. Sky is a frequent media guest and has been featured on CBS Radio, Fox News, Boston Business Journal, and ABC, among others.

Fun facts: Dr. Sky is a former TV host, she dances Argentine Tango, speaks 4 languages and has traveled to 30+ countries
Module 1: 
•    The essence of attraction
•    Understanding polarity
•    Assignment
Module 2: 
•    How to become addictive
•    The rules of seduction
•    Rule of Seduction #1 ...
Module 3: 
•    Rule of Seduction #2
•    Rule of Seduction #3
•    Rule of Seduction #4
•    Rule of Seduction #5
Module 4: 
•    The elements of attraction
•    How to communicate through your appearance
•    The untold secrets of your body Language
•    Assingment
Module 5: 
•    The power of your voice and how to use it
•    How to use language effectively
•    Mastering eye contact
Module 6: 
•    The art of scent
•    The intricacies of touch
•    Bonus element
•    Conclusion
Arina K.,  London, UK
"The course was super helpful - starting from comprehensive training materials, fruitful Q&A calls and community support in facebook group.

I was really impressed by the level of support from Sky, depth of answers to various questions, would they be directly related to the modules or more general, raised and answered via FB Group."
"Seductive Communication is a comprehensive and in-depth class that teaches you how to be in charge of your communication as a woman and apply it in a way that gets you the results you want.
"This course helped me to break through some barriers I had to my own communication styles. My favorite tidbit of information is 'Men look for green lights while women look for red flags.'
It is still difficult for me to "make the first move" to get a man's attention, but this advice is helping me to work through that and be more open to the possibilities that will follow."
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