Seductive Communication

Discover how to be irresistible in the bedroom and the boardroom!Sky Product Mockup

Seduction means being deliciously attractive in who you are and what you are about. It’s your ability to evoke an emotional response in people and create impact.

Seductive communication allows you to be a socially adept person, not just a pickup machine. NO sleazy tricks or manipulations!

Get a step-by-step improvement plan to build inner confidence which transcends technique and strategy. Become a better self!

This exquisite audio program will reveal the secrets of attraction and sexual escalation.

You’ll Discover How To:
* Avoid the hidden things even smart men do that turn off women
* Enhance your NATURAL magnetism & flirt like a pro
* Evoke a sexual desire in your mate & make her want more of you
* What keeps the sex hot and edgy while you also build a meaningful relationship
* Master the 7 elements of seductive communication
… never get “friend zoned” again!

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10 Days of Magic: Open Your Heart to True Love through Appreciation

Supercharge your life with the purest and most beneficial vibration in the Universe. Appreciation is like a tuning fork for the music of your Spirit – like sunlight for a sprout – a twin sister of Love.

Apply this powerful catalyst that will open your heart to True Love and will accelerate its physical manifestation in your life.

Imagine starting your day feeling fantastic, fully energized, and overflowing with joy. What if your life was an easy-breezy flow and wonderful synchronicities unfolded every step of the way?

If you believe – or would like to believe – that struggling is optional, these daily Mind Journeys will open a new realm of possibilities to you.

By practicing these meditations for 10 consecutive days you will:

  • Open your heart to True Love
  • Experience more energy and vitality in your body
  • Improve every relationship in your life
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Create miracles in your daily experience

“Track List of 10 Days of Magic”

  1. Introduction to 10 Days of Magic
  2. Day 1: Appreciate the Vastness of Creation
  3. Day 2: Appreciate Our Magnificent Planet
  4. Day 3: Appreciate the Gift of Laughter
  5. Day 4: Appreciate Modern-day Technology
  6. Day 5: Appreciate Your Body
  7. Day 6: Appreciate Your Accomplishments
  8. Day 7: Appreciate Your Home
  9. Day 8: Appreciate Your Family
  10. Day 9: Appreciate Your Work
  11. Day 10: Appreciate Your Intuition


We care for the environment, therefore these are available as DOWNLOAD ONLY.

10 Days Of Magic

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“These meditations are AMAZING. I personally think they are far above average of what’s in the marketplace. Sky Blossoms truly has a gift for crafting very good meditations.”

~ Bob Doyle

Law of Attraction Expert featured in ‘The Secret’, Author, Broadcaster

“10 Days of Magic is a different approach to meditation, as as it takes you on a guided journey through many aspects of your daily existence. For me, this brought a different aspect of awareness daily to something I normally might take for granted and instead was grateful for. The approach was so real and so tangible that it was like a workshop built into my meditation practice that inspired transformation. I have thus far experienced a shift in my confidence, decisiveness and just my overall sense of happiness. I recommend these for anyone looking to become more grounded, more confident in your direction and decisions and definitely for anyone looking to improve their current relationships.”
~Julie Smallwood

Senior Executive, Sales

These Guided Meditations are designed to help you:Tools and Techniques

  • Revive your energy
  • Gain clarity
  • Relieve stress
  • Release anxiety and overwhelm
  • Gain confidence
  • Restore your balance
  • Improve your performance and productivity
  • Connect to your higher Self – your spiritual essence
  • Step in your power
  • Attune to your intuition

and much more…

Inner Freedom: Become Available for True Love

The Inner Freedom guided processes are designed to help you become available for True Love, discharge anything that’s holding you back, and revive your spirit.

Enable your dreams by releasing old baggage:

  • Break the ties to your ex-lovers
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Free yourself from obsessions

Connect to your Soul and to your inner power.
Get tips on how to meditate effectively and get into a meditative state instantly.
Leverage your actions by employing the energy of your spirit.

Track List of Inner Freedom

  1. Introduction to Meditation
  2. Pure Relaxation Meditation
  3. Becoming Available for True Love
  4. Breaking the Ties to Ex-Lovers Meditation
  5. Releasing Unhealthy Yearnings
  6. Releasing Unhealthy Yearnings Meditation
  7. Understanding Limiting Beliefs
  8. Releasing Limiting Beliefs Meditation
  9. The Heart of Hearts Meditation
  10. Feeling Your Core Process


We care for the environment, therefore these are available as DOWNLOAD ONLY.

Inner Freedom

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