In the Inner Garden lived an amazing Rose

It dreamed of blooming and produced a perfect bud

It wanted to be the most beautiful flower ever seen

Silky petals were tightly squeezed together

Waiting to burst and spread their vibrant flesh


The Rose wanted to open fully and produce an enchanting fragrance

So that anyone experiencing its essence would be uplifted,

Filled with joy, rejuvenated, and healed

The Rose imagined how mesmerized everyone would be by seeing her

“I would be the beauty, I would be the healer, I would be an inspiration”

She thought

“I would fulfill my purpose for being,” “Everyone will love me”


She waited for the right moment to bloom

Anytime her bud would loosen up its stiffness getting ready to open,

The Rose held it back…

She realized that her bloom will be short-lived and will fade out soon

She imagined how those who used to admire her refined essence

And delicate beauty will notice that her petals are losing their firmness,

The fragrance decreases its intensity, and the shape of her flower changes

“They will stop noticing me; I will become useless; they won’t love me”


Since she knew that her fading is inevitable,

She decided to make the most impact with her bloom

She clasped her petals ever so tightly and waited for the spectators to gather

“When those, who will appreciate my gifts the most, appear before me,

I’ll open up and wow them with my elegance, grace and aroma” she concluded


She waited. It was increasingly difficult to hold her bud together

She was getting tired of the tension. Her juices were not flowing freely,

Her leaves began turning yellow… But she applied her willpower and persevered.


Suddenly the spectators gathered in huge quantity

Next to another rose bush which came into a full gorgeous bloom

And filled the air with a delightful essence

They took pictures, kneeled to inhale her fragrance,

Kissed her delicate petals and talked about her


An artist painted a picture, a photographer took many shots,

A crying baby calmed down and started laughing when looked at her

One man cut the flower and gave it to his beloved…

The neighboring bush was beheaded…


The Rose turned to her sister and said: “You were not careful for whom to bloom,

And now you are beheaded…” “I feel for you, and

I will be wiser – I’ll wait for those who will appreciate me”

The neighboring bush replied: “I didn’t bloom for them, I bloomed because

It’s my nature – I am a flower”

“I have many more buds ready to open, my blooms will never cease.”