3 06, 2014

What Internet Marketing and the Law Of Attraction Have in Common?

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If you resonate with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the premise of the Law of Attraction, read on as I share a valuable lesson Internet taught me: A while ago I watched a TED talk about information “filter bubbles,” where Eli Pariser explains the limitations that personalization of news feeds and highly-targeted marketing campaigns impose on our ability to access information online. Pariser makes a compelling case by demonstrating that the same key words entered into Google search render vastly different results for different people, based on their personal interests.

18 01, 2014

Is Your Smartphone Destroying Your Relationships?

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A reader’s question: How can couples break the habit and spend more quality time together instead of talking to others on their smart phones all the time? My answer: This is a great question! Lack of presence in human interactions is an epidemic of our time and one of the greatest relationship challenges. In order to fully grasp the solution, it’s crucial to understand: 1. Why is this happening? 2. How does it DESTROY your relationships? 3. How to break free from this addiction? If you look around in public places, most people will be glued to some sort of a screen: watching, typing, or talking on the phone...