SeductionSeduction is a mental arousal which occurs between the lines of your communication. The hottest quality of a lover is authenticity.

The courage to be bold in expressing your desires and your confidence, which allows you to remain unattached to the outcome create an irresistible combination. You honor yourself and it allows you to speak your mind and offer unreserved action. At the same time you honor your partner which prompts you to respect her desires.

You shine when your true essence is uninhibited and you own it! When you try to fit into an image created by your mind of what you should be like, you fail to be who you are. Fake is cheap and your lover senses pretenses immediately.

****Handcuffed by your insecurities, you cannot embrace your partner fully.****

Only when you value yourself you are capable of fully valuing your partner.

Seduction = Authenticity + Imagination

Sky Blossoms
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