Do you believe in blessings in disguise? Let me reveal to you the golden nugget of COVID-19 and the current crisis – the precious gift we’re unwrapping together.

A peaceful smile is resting on my lips and it’s hard to believe that only a few hours ago…

I felt like a volcano was erupting out of my chest. The magnitude of my emotions was akin to a force of Nature – like a tornado, tsunami, or an earthquake – fierce, powerful, passionate, honest, unstoppable and quite destructive. I was determined to do everything in my power, even if it would cost me life to STOP… so many things I couldn’t stand perpetuated anymore:

  • People forced into poverty
  • Child trafficking
  • Satanic rituals performed on people against their will
  • Police arresting citizens for exercising their constitutional rights
  • Social Media censorship
  • Propaganda promoting fear and alienation of people
  • Businesses pushed into bankruptcy
  • Politicians abusing their power
  • Congressional Bills designed to take away freedoms
  • Violence, depressions, suicides  and personal tragedies being ignored and justified by “greater good for all”…

Did all these things disappear overnight? No.

Why am I calm now and what has changed?

I had a profound revelation which I believe will shine the NEW light for you on the current events and will liberate you from many hold-backs.

But before I reveal to you my insight, I’ll share my journey. It is important, because when you’re in an aggravated or depressed state, you cannot receive the wisdom which is vibrationally vastly different from where you may currently stand.

It is absolutely essential that you harmonize your current emotions to the best of your ability before you even read what I’m about to share.

Here is what I did:

It took me hours of intentional spiritual practice to balance my state. I employed everything I could including contact with nature, meditation, crystals and asking for guidance. Then I took a nap, because my body was exhausted from moving so much energy.

Loud noises of motors and human voices outside woke me up. I was in a blissful state, reached for my phone to turn it on and…. A challenge showed up immediately.

My caring neighbor called to inform me that there is a police scene on the corner. He advised me to not leave the house. A jogger was stopped on a street and threatened arrest. Arrests and oppression by police have been happening for a few weeks already, which contributed to my infuriation. The wave of emotions which I just spent hours to calm down was about to rise and I had to STOP my reactions in the tracks.

After guiding hundreds of people through personal transformations and awakening, I know that as soon as you believe you resolved an inner block, life will challenge you by presenting the same problem you think you just overcame. How you handle this painful circumstance will determine whether you can progress forward or go back to square one to learn the lesson. To permanently break the vicious cycle, you need to adopt a NEW perspective and make a different choice.

I could not react the way I did before and see injustice, tyranny and vulnerability of regular people before the authoritarian machinery. I stopped and looked for a new perception. I found it, and when I could sincerely smile at the drama theater playing just outside of my home, two miracles happen:

  1. The noises subsided and my neighbor, whom I was still talking to, reported that the thriller was over, and police left
  2. I had my profound A-Ha moment which lifted a huge weight off my chest and restored my inner bliss

Ready to receive the Golden Nugget?

Take a few deep breaths, release all tensions from your body, place your hand over your heart and bless yourself for being here and now and for receiving these words…

If you are like me, you want to live in the world of justice and harmony where:

  • People are loving, carrying and respectful of one another
  • Everyone is free and has equal opportunities
  • You breathe clean fresh air and drink pure natural water
  • Fruits and vegetables are grown organically and with love
  • Humans live in harmony with nature and honor animals and plants
  • Different belief systems are respected and welcomed
  • Families are happy and children grow up in love
  • Everyone is following their passions and inspirations
  • Health and vitality are prevalent among humans
  • Freedom is acknowledged as the foundation for existence
  • There is enough of resources for everyone to prosper
  • People thrive on diversity, just like nature does
  • Leaders are the wisest people with purest hearts passionate to be of service

Can you picture this? Maybe it sounds Utopian, but I believe that collectively we’re powerfully asking for a better world for many thousands of years. The World of Harmony is created by human dreams in the ethers already.  We’re moving towards this way of life and here is the caveat:

Fear-based belief systems cannot exist in the World of Harmony.

ALL human fears and limitations need to be transcended in order to realize – make real – the vision of Heaven on Earth.

Think of this:

My seemingly noble desire for justice, if explored deeper, is linked to the fear of injustice and supports the belief that injustice is possible. Thereby, without meaning to, my fight for justice contributes to injustices.

People who are adamant about staying at home and mandating face masks and other protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 want health for everyone, but their positive intention is also intertwined with fear of being susceptible to an external pathogen, thus promotes it.

Those who fight against vaccines or 5G, or global domination want freedom and safety, however this very fight originates from fear that safety and freedom can be compromised. Inadvertently they support the existence of these things.

If you understand that what we perceive as our reality is nothing more but a holographic reflection of our State of Being, it becomes apparent that we fight against our own reflection in the mirror.

My A-ha moment revealed a PURPOSE of the current circumstances. I realized that the barrier between the reality we experience now and the World of Harmony which we’re powerfully calling forth is our human fears and perceived limitations.

Imagine if everything which is going on – quarantine, pandemic, economic collapse, injustices, despotism, etc. – create a pressure tunnel where each human is squeezed out of their comfort and where their greatest fears are aggravated. You may notice that what you personally struggle with right now is the very thing that bothers you the most.

If so, here is what is asked of you Spiritually:

Immense pressure of the current conditions is designed to reflect to you your worst fears and limiting beliefs. Your reality will keep pushing your most painful buttons. Your job is to become aware of what is it that you’re afraid of and find a new point of view which will transcend your fear. It might be challenging, but absolutely necessary. And you can do it!

You’ll know that your fear is successfully trans-mutated when:

  1. You feel neutral and respond in empowering or lighthearted way to a formerly troubling situations
  2. The problem vanishes from your personal reality although others may still experience it

This is your Spiritual evolution. AND …


Action is the language of the physical plane. You need to take appropriate action to summon the World of Harmony.

First and foremost, remember that your honor and your personal integrity is not to be compromised no matter what’s at stake. If you want to live in the world with no corruption, you need to be incorruptible. This takes courage, and sometimes heroism.

For example, a doctor’s child is ill, and money is needed for cure. The doctor can prescribe a treatment to his patient, which would afford him a higher pay, but would be not optimal. Should he take the opportunity to make more money in unethical way for the sake of his child or remain honest with his patients and put his child at risk? It’s not an easy choice.

Life constantly presents moral puzzles encouraging you to connect deeper with your Soul and put your trust in the hands of the Creator. Many scenarios in life can seem like lose-lose until you rely on Higher Intelligence for guidance and solutions. When you have faith, anything becomes possible.

Integrity produces the results you want, even if the path is indirect. It always promotes growth, unshakable confidence and self-respect. A meaningful and fulfilling life is lived in integrity.

Compromising one’s values for the sake of perceived safety or immediate gain is a trade with no gain. Even if it makes sense in the moment or seems like the only choice, this illusion collapses as soon as the tragic choice is made. The outcome? Look at your own life. Each one of us has made this deal with the devil where we acted out of fear and against what we knew was right. What was achieved if you ever lied, because you didn’t have the courage to say the truth, when you cheated or avoided a healthy confrontation to keep fake peace? What happened if you were afraid to speak your mind or allowed for something to transpire you didn’t consent to?

Isn’t it what you and I want from our leaders, politicians, law enforcement officers, doctors, and teachers – integrity? Isn’t it what we expect from our friends and loved ones? And if your reality is the reflection of your State of Being, then you need to BE the integrity in order to create the World Harmony and integrity for yourself and your descendants.

Have faith that your noble aspirations are supported by the invisible force of the Universe. Trust your gut and act intuitively, like an animal sensing food or danger before seeing them. Remember, your desires create new opportunities in real time, which your mind doesn’t know about. You need to trust so that they can be revealed to you.

You unlock miracles when you act in integrity despite fears!

In addition, you may be required to take actions to improve the current systems so that they match your vision. For example, you many need to sign petitions or send letters to your governors, partake in a demonstration or share information which others can benefit from. Take inspired actions and exercise your freedom to choose. Your state of being when you perform the necessary steps is of paramount importance. Emotionally you need to BE a solution and not a perpetrator of the problem.

For example, when you encounter an article or a documentary which moves you and you believe everyone should see it, if your desire to share is driven by warning others or preventing bad things from happening – discordant vibration, don’t do it!

First, balance yourself, find your inner eye of the storm, then think who and why would benefit from receiving this, and when you feel good or at least neutral about sharing, go ahead.

This will also help you be free of expectations. You must acknowledge the freedom of choice of every human and their right to create their own reality, even if you wish differently for them, or if your choices are contrary to yours. Surrender your desire to help others to God and ask to be guided to people who are open and willing to receive your help. Do not superimpose your opinion on anyone. As much as your perspective is true for you, it can be unacceptable to others and it’s normal.

The world your heart is yearning for is rooted in inclusiveness. When you can keep your equilibrium regardless of how people respond, you’re free. When you can feel joy whether others support you, ignore you or call you a lunatic, you’ve mastered this game and became one of the First Citizens of the World of Harmony.

May you be blessed in your quest to smile at the face of your fears and may your reality smile back at you and surprise you with delightful miracles.