Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your life’s circumstances?

You want to soar in freedom and reach your dream destinations, but you feel confined by the situation, like an caged bird. It gets exhausting, frustrating, and you don’t know what to do…

I’ve been there many times, and I know firsthand how to navigate the maze, even if all you see is walls. I help my clients to get out of the dead-ended perceptions and operate on a whole new level, where conditions in their lives have no power.

The truth is, many of your life’s situations you cannot change: If your lover left, you can’t make him fall in love with you and come back. If your boss is micromanaging, you can’t alter his approach. If your spouse is not supportive, you can’t make him/her to cooperate. You can’t even make your own children do everything you say…

Funny enough, we still try. When attempting to change people and circumstances yields unsustainable results, we get stressed and tired, feel disappointed and powerless…


Woman ready to flyAs long as you are focused on a limiting condition, you will be stuck. The moment you decide to claim what you want despite the circumstances, you discover the possibilities you never imagined were out there… This leads you to claiming your own creative power, which opens the door to unlimited success in every area of your life.

Why Motivation Doesn’t Work?

Our rational minds are designed to keep us safe. Whenever you attempt to move out of your comfort zone, where it’s all familiar, and seemingly safe—even if it’s painful—your logic will present a compelling case as to why you shouldn’t take a risk.

Your desire for more: love, joy, abundance, and self-expression will be covered by the heavy load of reasons to stay exactly where you are.

Your mind will diligently remind you of all the things you’ve tried which didn’t work and of all the times you fell short. It will paint a vivid picture of potential shame and guilt of being irresponsible and “failing” again.

No wonder you are hesitant to move ahead….

What’s the Way Out?

Through working with dozens of high-achievers, I‘ve discovered that cleaning up the record in your mind, which undermines your self-trust and confidence, is the only way to move fiercely towards your dreams.

Without realizing it, we drag around a heavy burden that slows our progress: The opinion of a teacher who told you that you can’t write, the kid in school who called you stupid, the warning of your mother to be careful, the words of your father not to be selfish, the pain of betrayal of your lover cheating on you… etc.

These opinions and emotions have nothing to do with who you are. They’re simply the residue you picked up along the way, which glooms your radiance and sabotages your results.

Clearing up these layers is a deep spiritual work—challenging, yet the most rewarding! As the result, you activate your full potential and become the brilliant creator of your life you were born to be.
I have created an intensive process that guides you through deep cleansing and then fully aligns you with your soul in just 3 Days (with some preliminary work and post-integration). I have taken many of my VIP clients on this journey with outstanding results.

For the first time, I am offering this gift to a small group of heart-centered and passionate women, who are done settling and are ready to claim the life they are meant to live at Shine Your Brightest Retreat (Nov. 11-14, 2014).

I am absolutely passionate about helping people discover their own magnificence and take control of their life, so that they get in the flow of ease, love, and joy, experience more prosperity and discover true FREEDOM.

When you give yourself permission to show up in your full capacity and to claim your desires, you are the priceless gift to others.

I invite you to play big and win big! And I am here to support you, reach out!

What would you like to let go of? Please share in comments below.