“What happened? Are you crazy? I saw on Facebook that you’re moving to Mexico” a concerned message from my childhood friend popped on my phone.

Nearly a decade ago a picture of Mayan Rivera and pyramids was on my vision board. Little did I know it will become my new home some years later…

Tropical sunrays burst through the windows of my ocean view penthouse. Turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea aroused by the light breeze, like an irresistible seductress, invite you to get lost in them. Passing trucks loudly advertising through the speakers fresh fruit and other goodies give Mexican flavor to the picture-perfect paradise.

WARNING: after you read this, you might decide to move, too 😉

Making decisions becomes very easy once you have a variety of experiences and know what is really important to you. I’ve experienced poverty, which was my starting place in life, and lavishness of Beverly Hills and 5-Star environments. I rode public transportation, where people are squeezed together like sardines in a can, and I rode extravagant limousines with champagne flowing. I spoke to homeless people on a street and hang out with Hollywood celebrities. After living on different continents traveling to 20 plus countries, exploring various cultures and lifestyles, my true values became apparent.

A lifestyle of freedom is at the top of my priority list. This means being in charge of my own time, having no one to report to, and enjoying life to the fullest. I like waking up early and swimming in the ocean before I have breakfast. I enjoy strolls on the beach during sunset, and I feel at home in a tropical climate. And being able to do all of the above all year round is the key.

If I were to present my “requirements” for a place to live, they would sound something like this:IMG_3820

  • Clean water and air
  • Clean warm ocean
  • Pleasant climate
  • Community of extraordinary people
  • Safety
  • Fast and reliable Internet
  • Infrastructure: stores, good roads, international airport, etc.
  • Low cost of living
  • Ability to hire help inexpensively
  • …. And the welcoming energy of the place itself

Guess what? Playa Del Carmen has got it all: I can dance Argentine Tango on the beach, do yoga, or participate in Shamnic mediation and sound healing under the stars. I don’t need to have a car and I can ride a bike or walk everywhere. It’s no surprise that Playa attracts tourists and expats from all over the world.

In addition, the land of Mayan Rivera is sacred. It has countless treasures hidden in every stone. And for those of us who can hear the trees, the rocks, and the messages from the ancestors, this place is a temple of wisdom.

If you only followed me on Social Media, you may’ve concluded that I help successful people with their love relationships. And if you’ve actually worked with me in person, you know that I help you to develop deep connection to your Soul, emotional strength and get the results you want in your love life and career. Evolution of your consciousness and Spiritual growth are the core of a transformation I help you to experience. That’s why you can get faster results and deeper shifts by working with me now, because the sacred land of Mayan Rivera amplifies the energy.

Moving to Playa del Carmen was in alignment with enhancing my personal happiness and deepening my spiritual mission. I made a decision in a heartbeat and so far it was one of the best decisions ever. Synchronicities unfold every step of the way for me, and I feel ever so alive and supported on my mission.

IMG_3364I’m looking forward to introducing you to dolphins, pyramids, and cenotes during private retreats. I can’t wait to see you emerge more confident and empowered after re-connecting with your Spirit and clearing emotional blocks. It’s your time to shine your brightest for THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR LIGHT!

How do you share your gifts with the world?