Couple - PresenceThere is no doubt that there are insecure women out there who try to manipulate men and play games which prevents them from experiencing deep intimacy and fulfillment. However, an evolved man is unlikely to devote to a woman like that.

Your partner is ALWAYS your mirror.

An evolved woman knows God in her man and doesn’t settle to accept a mediocre version of him.

A conscious woman naturally WORSHIPS a masculine man – purpose-driven, courageous, and kind – she cannot be manipulative or cynical in his PRESENCE, because she knows that he will see right through it.

In fact, a man with an open heart and in touch with his inner power will see what’s beyond her insecurities and what her heart really desires. He will disregard any emotional walls she puts up as irrelevant and will embrace her fully so much so that her walls will melt.

An intimate relationship prompts you to grow into your authentic fully-integrated self, which is ever evolving. Partners help each other peel the layers of resistance and fears and open to Love more fully. In this sense your woman will never stop challenging you.

Women inspire GREATNESS in men. Men make this world a better place. It is an eternal dance that helps you both awaken to the ecstasy and freedom of true LOVE.

Sky Blossoms
Best Thing Ever