King and QueenMen are naturally driven to be victorious. Many have championed the battles in business or sports, but when it comes to winning the heart of a chosen woman they wane.

The brave heart, who can come out triumphant out of life’s toughest challenges, gets disarmed and disabled when his woman is irrational, unhappy, emotional or complaining.

Conquering a woman is similar to conquering natural forces – try to surmount wind, ocean or fire.

A woman’s heart and soul are sacred treasures; they are precious, very delicate and vulnerable. Therefore, the heart of a woman is hidden and surrounded by thick barriers. It is guarded by huge walls of distrust, insecurities, doubt, disbelief and concern. It wants to be liberated to express itself fully; it wants to shine and create more life and love.

The tougher she appears on the outside, the more fragile she actually is.

She knows that there will be many men who will go after her body. Some will pursue her as a trophy to prove to themselves their ability to prevail; others will try to find comfort and stability in her. There will be men who will come to her for emotional healing, and others will be seeking a substitute for a mother. She yearns for a man who will truly lover her.

So she waits for her hero, who will love her wholeheartedly and fiercely, who will not notice any walls and will go straight for her heart and soul. So she yearns for that special one, who will not be afraid of her dragons – her moods, whims, confrontations etc.

She will subconsciously put up a shield of capricious behavior, unreasonable requests, calls for competition, and so on, to check, whether the potential hero will be intimidated or scared away, turn into a wimpy pleaser, withdraw, become aggressive and violent, or will he face the challenge with an open heart, stay in his power, offer his love, presence and devotion.

Can he prove to be stronger than her dragons? Can he love her unconditionally anyway, offer his power, and claim her heart in the midst of a disaster?

Every time he passes the test, her heart will open more, and she will give him the promised kingdom – a slice of heaven – love and passion. If he fails the test, her trust in him will be shaken. Unless he corrects the course and proves to be strong enough and still devoted to her, she will close off. Her heart will become a hidden and rigorously guarded treasure again.

The key to opening a woman’s heart is a man’s courage, profound love and genuine intent. A woman can let go of her own guards only when she knows that her lover will protect and cherish her heart.

Yet, she will always have more challenges up her sleeve, to make sure that her King is not dwelling on his victories. The moment he becomes lazy, comfortable or passionless about her or life, her dragons will set his ass on fire.

The King’s heart is pure. He is not self-centered, as he is on a mission and is driven by a purpose greater than himself. His real strive is for freedom and to make the world a better place. Winning the heart of the chosen woman becomes the ultimate reward that grants him the kingdom of personal happiness, joy and fulfillment.

So the real “Happily Ever After” unites two open hearts for the purpose of creating a better life, love and more life. It prompts both the King and his Queen to grow, to open more in Love to each other, and enrich the world.

Sky Blossoms
Best Thing Ever